What do the Friends Do?

To date the Friends of the Three Schools fundraising has been hugely successful. They have raised funds to:

  • Pay for coaches for school trips
  • Buy in specialists, such as the Reptile Road show, Zoo labs, Skip 2 B Fit, African musicians etc.
  • Arrange and pay for Author visits
  • Supply artist visits and workshops
  • Purchase picnic benches
  • Supply musical instruments

The money they raise is always used to enhance and extend your children’s enjoyment and learning at school, never to maintain buildings or transportation as this is the Governing Body’s responsibility.

The Friends are extremely conscious of the ethos and morals of our school, and try very hard when organising and planning events to respect this. They also run events such as Christmas and Summer Discos that are not fundraisers just fun events for the children.


Why Would I Want to Join?

We have been very fortunate at our schools to have a Friends Association that has been such an integral part of the school community for many years. In its time, the Friends have raised thousands of pounds.

But it is much, much more than just fundraising. The Friends exists to provide closer links between home and school, and it is an excellent way to bring staff, parents and friends together socially in support of the schools working towards a common goal. It can be great fun! Obviously as in any organisation, there are times when it is more ‘challenging’, but with the continued support of parents and staff, our Friends Committee has always succeeded in its efforts and many of its members have forged lasting friendships even after they leave the schools.

All parents and members of the school community can get involved if they want to, even if they only have a small amount of time available, meetings are at most once a month.



Designated Persons for Child Protection are the Headteachers, Ms Carol-Anne McCollum and Mr David May

Deputy Designated Persons for Child Protection are Mrs Featherstone, Mrs Heidi Martin and Mrs Rebecca Chapman-Hill