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‘The Three Schools’ is a unique and very successful initiative: to provide all-through primary schooling yet in a village setting, for families in our villages and from further afield.

Utilising the school sites in the three neighbouring villages of Swanbourne, Mursley and Drayton Parslow, ‘The Three Schools’ are at the heart of their village communities, providing happy, safe and stimulating environments, rooted in Christian values.

To form ‘The Three Schools’, Swanbourne Church of England School, Mursley Church of England School and Drayton Parslow Village School came together six years ago, with the support of the Oxford Diocese and the Local Education Authority, to operate as a single entity with one Headteacher and leadership team.

Under this arrangement Drayton Parslow and Mursley schools take children from 4 to 7 years old (our Infants), Swanbourne from 7 to 11 years old (our Juniors); and our ‘Kingfishers’ Pre-school based at Mursley takes children from 2 to 4 years old – so enabling us to offer seamless provision from age 2 to 11.

Currently we have 199 children on roll: 40 children in three classes of up to 15 at Drayton Parslow, 43 children in three classes of up to 15 at Mursley, and 116 children in four classes of up to 30 at Swanbourne. To ensure we continue with smaller sized groups for the Core subjects in KS2, children are set for English and Maths allowing groups of no more than 20 pupils to ensure intensive support and appropriately levelled work is pitched at the pupils’ ability. At Kingfishers, 20 children currently enjoy morning and/or afternoon sessions working in small groups supported by their allocated member of highly trained staff.

Working together with our parents, we nurture each child's potential and promote a lifelong love of learning. We encourage our children to become independent, self-motivated learners to enable them to grow in self-esteem, achieve success, and flourish in the rapidly changing world. We strive for excellence and enjoyment in all that we do.

Approximately half of our children live in our Catchment Area – the villages of Swanbourne, Little Horwood, Mursley and Drayton Parslow – and half in nearby villages, Aylesbury and Milton Keynes.


Views of ‘The Three Schools’

Pupils are well-mannered, sociable and have good attitudes to learning.’

(OFSTED - Swanbourne CE School 2014)

High expectations of work and behavior ensures that teaching takes place in a purposeful learning atmosphere.’

(OFSTED - Swanbourne CE School 2014)

This is a good school that serves its local community well. All pupils are valued, known as individuals and enjoy themselves in the school’s safe and caring environment.’

(OFSTED – Mursley CE School 2011)

Children get off to a good start in the Reception class and achieve well because of the wide range of activities on offer that are well matched to children’s individual needs.’

(OFSTED – Drayton Parslow School 2013)


Our children’s views of ‘The Three Schools’

Our school is a welcoming place, where we meet and overcome new challenges every day’ – Jamie

I like learning new things’ – Maisie

I find the teachers encouraging and make me rise to any challenge’ – Ade

It is a wonderful school, which encourages pupils to work to the best of their ability at all times’ – Evie and Georgia

School makes me smarter and I enjoy it’ – Felix

It is a colourful and exciting place, where children enjoy learning’ – Isobel

I like working in my busy book’ – Matilda



Yours sincerely,
Carol-Anne McCollum - Executive Headteacher




Designated Person for Child Protection is the Headteacher, Ms Carol-Anne McCollum

Deputy Designated Persons for Child Protection are Deputy Head Mr David May and Assistant Headteachers, Mrs Rebecca Chapman-Hill and Mrs Heidi Martin